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Natasha Panas can be booked in a number of line-up options dependent upon the event or requirements. Her versatility as a singer and pianist allow her to cover a wide range of possibilities as a solo performer. In addition she loves to collaborate and perform alongside others, offering line-ups ranging from an acoustic-style duo right up to fronting a full on party band. 

SOLO: Natasha can perform solo as a pianist (instrumental only) or singer-pianist. In both cases, her repertoire is broad-ranging and she is able to cater for a lively event just as easily as providing a beautiful background ambiance. 

DUO/TRIO/QUARTET: Natasha also performs with various different instrumentalists to from a duo, trio or quartet when a more upbeat mood is required.


- Natasha with acoustic guitarist (acoustic duo)

- Natasha, upright bass and drums (jazz style trio)

- Natasha, electric guitar, bass and drums (4 piece band)

FULL BAND: In addition to her unique skills as a pianist and singer-pianist, Natasha has an impressive and highly versatile voice that can traverse all genres, from blues to lounge and rock to pop. She regularly works with a full band to perform covers songs for dancing. Natasha frequently offers this line up to clients who have fallen in love with her voice and wish to have a mixture of background piano music in the early part of their event followed by a band for dancing later in the evening. 


- Natasha, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards (5 piece band)

- Natasha, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, 3 piece horn section (8 piece band)

Please get in touch for more information on a suitable line-up for your event.

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